How to use curling iron

23 Jul

End of last yr or was it early this year?  I went for rebonding and at the stylist’s recommendation (to sell off the last haircare set & either curling or straightening iron), I bought a curling iron and only used it thrice thus far. After 6 months, I think?

The 1st attempt was really bad. There was no instruction in the box. The only thing I remembered from the stylist’s demo was to wait for it to get hot but I had forgotten how hot. Then you curl it loosely or tightly – depending on which style you want and wait till a few minutes, then release it. Afterwards, apply serum or leave in silicone moisturizer.

The 3rd time I used it, my middle finger accidentally touched the hot iron and now I have a dark mark on it. :S

So today I searched YouTube for videos on how to use a curling iron ;)

laurenandracheltime is really pretty sweet and she uses her mouth to hold the hair – how to use a curling iron

thehipchickonline is a mom and she has thick coarse wavy hair. How to Use a Curling Iron to Curl your Hair The funny thing was her husband came into the bathroom and interrupted her video.

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