The Face Shop Eyelash & Eyebrow Nutrition Liquid

9 Nov


The Face Shop Eyelash & Eyebrow Nutrition Liquid

Keratin and botanical proteins and extracts penetrates the skin to nourish lashes → Keeps lashes healthy and radiant.

How to apply
Apply over lashes before going to bed

How do you suppose we evaluate how healthy our eyelashes are?

There are some comments in THE FACE SHOP (korea) – Malaysian Babes Forum that it does work. In fact, that was the reason I bought this – after reading the glowing reviews there.

After a few nights of application, I saw my lower eyelashes grew longer. The lower eyelashes were more apparent than growth on top eyelashes.

But after a month, when I compared the before and after pictures that I took with digital camera, I didn’t see much difference. It didn’t seem to be working on me much and I’ve applied for more than 20 nights. The eyelashes do appear longer by 0.5mm but I was hoping for faster growth. Maybe it was psychological – when you first buy and use something, it shows positive results because you want to believe it helps!

So far, I’ve only used up to 1/5 of the bottle – can’t use a lot or it will sting the eye. I use it on my eyebrows as well. I suppose.. if you were a guy, you could try this on your jaw or between nose & lips to get beard/moustache hehe.

The worst thing about this is the brush! It’s damn hard & coarse!! Hurts when you apply on the eyelashes.

Official site: The Face Shop EN – Eyebrow Nutrition Liquid

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