How to use curling iron

23 Jul

End of last yr or was it early this year?  I went for rebonding and at the stylist’s recommendation (to sell off the last haircare set & either curling or straightening iron), I bought a curling iron and only used it thrice thus far. After 6 months, I think?

The 1st attempt was really bad. There was no instruction in the box. The only thing I remembered from the stylist’s demo was to wait for it to get hot but I had forgotten how hot. Then you curl it loosely or tightly – depending on which style you want and wait till a few minutes, then release it. Afterwards, apply serum or leave in silicone moisturizer.

The 3rd time I used it, my middle finger accidentally touched the hot iron and now I have a dark mark on it. :S

So today I searched YouTube for videos on how to use a curling iron ;)

laurenandracheltime is really pretty sweet and she uses her mouth to hold the hair – how to use a curling iron

thehipchickonline is a mom and she has thick coarse wavy hair. How to Use a Curling Iron to Curl your Hair The funny thing was her husband came into the bathroom and interrupted her video.

Free access to Beautypedia reviews in Jan & Feb 2011

30 Jan

For the latest new product reviews, reference FREE during January and February. It features over 45,000 detailed product reviews and is the expanded, online version of my best-selling book Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me.

But the mobile site is not really working – once you are at the site, it will redirect you to add the webpage to your bookmark. After that, you can’t see the options like search & brands at the bottom anymore. What I did was reload the page & quickly press the option at the bottom or use the full website instead of mobile (for those using smartphone).

Sogo Christmas 2010

23 Jan

While shopping in Sogo in Nov 2010, yeah, long time no post :p.. found 2 maroon-purple gown that I liked:

Somerset Bay Christmas 2010 (3)
From Somerset Bay. For upright breasts :P


Somerset Bay Christmas 2010 (1) Somerset Bay Christmas 2010 (2)
The wrap around the waist is not stitched to the dress in the middle but from the sides. Only for the small waisted though coz it will add more bulk & attention to the area. 


Today’s exercise

15 Jan

Today’s exercise is by carrying purchases and walk every floor’s shops! :)

August 8 dress

2 Jan

This is so simple yet sexy.


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