What Is The Best Thing To Eat When You Have An Upset Stomach?

When you have an upset stomach then the first thing that you need to control is your food intake. Of course, there are varying degrees of indigestion. However, there are common symptoms that may only vary in intensity. Some of the common symptoms are:

  • Cramp
  • Nausea
  • Belly bloating
  • Weakness
  • Pain

These issues actually hamper the day-to-day working and reduce your strength. Thus, here are some of the products that can actually prove helpful when you have an upset stomach.



There’s a reason why bananas stay as a choice of energy booster for marathon runners: Bananas are simply edible and customarily will not upset your abdomen. Plus, bananas facilitate helps in reducing indigestion to a certain level. This is because they contain cellulose, which helps to naturally initiate intestine movements.



Add another tropical fruit to the list of tummy soothers. Papaya encourages digestion, eases stomach upset, and helps with constipation. Papaya has chymopapain which helps to facilitate breaking down of the proteins and it soothes the abdomen. Alongside, it also promotes a healthy acidic atmosphere. You can also consider papaya extract tablets.

White Rice


When your abdomen is feeling topsy-turvy, it is a smart plan to stay to ordinary foods like rice, toast, or cooked potatoes. These stomach-settling foods ease symptoms by absorbing fluids and adding bulk to your stool.



Research has shown that ginger helps with nausea and overall digestion. Specialists even advocate ginger for inflammatory disease or illness. You’ll take ginger tea or ginger powder, otherwise, you will even chew on a recent piece of ginger or ginger candy to ease associate degree indigestion.


Applesauce (2)

Like bananas, apples are a decent supply of cellulose, that helps to reduce the symptoms. If you’re coping with associate degree indigestion, turn slices of the apple into sauce form since the cooked-down apples are easier to digest. Cinnamon additionally promotes smart digestion, thus sprinkle to a small degree for getting a stomach-soothing. This is actually a tasty way to deal with your upset stomach when you cannot digest any kind of food.

Herbal Tea


Herbal tea has cured an upset stomach since long. The warmth of tea gives a relief to the pain along with peppermint and Anthemis Nobilis, which are noted for serving to the bellyaches.

Things to remember

Now, only concentrating on the things to eat during an upset stomach will not help you to get out of this issue and treat the disease. Here are some things that you can do.

  • Make sure avoid any kind of spicy food. It will add on to the issue and also increase the intensity of the upset stomach
  • When you have an upset stomach then there is a huge loss of water from the body. Now, that causes dehydration which can land you in a hospital. Make sure to stay away from that by drinking lots of boiled water. You can also drink water mixed with sugar and lemon

Upset stomach is a common occurrence and can be dealt with in a proper manner with the mentioned precautions. Check out in Detail – آلام البطن – اسباب الم البطن وسبل العلاج المنزلية